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Jensen Consulting Celebrates 10 Years by Giving Back
July 3, 2012
Written By: Russell Jensen

Ten years ago, Russell Jensen left the security of a large business consulting firm to build his own client focused consulting group.  And, he hasn’t looked back since.
Jensen Consulting has now grown to provide business consulting services that focus on leadership development, strategy and family business consulting.  They work with some of the region’s largest and smallest businesses to assist in developing senior leaders, strategic planning, succession planning and business development, as well as creating effective and high performing boards of directors.

“We help clients capitalize on big opportunities, solve big problems and shape their companies to compete in today’s complex business environment,” Jensen said.  “This approach has taught us over the years that there are lot of similar challenges and opportunities regardless of the ownership structure, industry or size of an organization.”

This is one of the reasons that when Jensen Consulting considered how to celebrate 10 years in business that they decided to give back to the Central Iowa business community by giving away $10,000 in free consulting services to an area nonprofit.  The application process is simple: the nonprofit must state a specific need such as strategic planning or help working through board issues that will enable them to better deliver on their mission.
Submitted applications will be reviewed by the Jensen Consulting staff and two long time clients.
“I have long been a believer that it is important for business leaders to play a role in building and serving their community,” Jensen said.  “This could be described as a passion of mine, and we have made it a point in the last 10 years to work with nonprofits as consultants, as well as lending our time to serve on a variety of boards.  As we celebrate 10 years of success in our own business, it is the right time to step up and give back to the community who has been incredibly supportive of our work.”

The application, which is available online at www.rjensenconsulting.com, is due on July 20.  Jensen said he expects to announce the nonprofit, or nonprofits, that will receive the free services sometime in mid-August.
“As we have worked through the process of setting this program, we have already spoken with a number of our clients and nonprofits,” Jensen said.  We are excited with the positive response, and we look forward to seeing just how we can give back to our great community.”


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Jensen Consulting Celebrates 10 Years by Giving Back

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