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Leading Indicators
March 5, 2010
Written By: Russell Jensen

This morning I asked a client how his energy has been over the last few weeks. We’ve learned that his energy level is a good barometer for him. When his energy is high he is fully engaged and is at his best more often. When his energy is low things aren’t going so well and he needs to identify what is getting in the way of his, and his company’s, success and tackle it. 

In my experience good leaders almost always have a fairly high level of self awareness. They know their style, their strengths and their stumbling blocks, and they have a sense for the early warning signals that tell them when it is time for a course correction.
So what are your personal “leading indicators”? Here are some to consider monitoring to help you operate at your best more often:
  • Energy – You saw this one coming, didn’t you?
  • Interpersonal conflict – Is the frequency and degree of interpersonal conflict higher or lower than when you are at your best?
  • Personal productivity – Are you getting things done or are you just generating activity?
  • Focus – Are you spending the right amount of time on the right issues?
  • Communication – Are communication gaps and surprises popping up?
  • Your desk – For some executives it is as simple as noticing the condition of their desktop in the morning and in the evening.
Spend a little time compiling your personal “leading indicators” list, and touch base with yourself weekly to see how you are doing. And, if you’d like, let me know if it makes a difference for you.

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